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BMS Policies, Procedures and Forms » ID's, Fines, and Tardies

ID's, Fines, and Tardies

All communication regarding Dress Code/ID Consequences, Tardies, and Fees will be done through an automated system called Student Conductor.  If anything is entered into the Student Conductor system for your student you will receive an automated email and/or text message.

Students are REQUIRED to wear their picture ID on a lanyard at ALL times.  All students are given their first ID, lanyard, and protective sleeve for FREE.  

If a student forgets their ID at home, they are issued a TEMPORARY ID for the day but will receive a Dress Code Violation.  If a student loses their ID and needs a new one, they can purchase one for $3. Replacement lanyards can be purchased for $1.  Students can use any lanyard when wearing their ID as long as it is school appropriate.



If a student is not in class when the bell rings for each of their class periods, they are considered tardy and the tardy consequences will apply.  There are 8 opportunities to be tardy in one day so getting to class on time is very important.




Tardy/Dress Code Consequences

Number of Tardies/Dress Code Violations



Written Warning

Tardies/Dress Code Violations up to 3-8

Lunch Detention

Tardies/Dress Code Violations up to 9-10

After School Detention

Tardies/Dress Code Violations over 10

Assistant Principal Discretion

Students who fail to serve detention after a warning will receive an additional detention.  If student fails to serve either of those detentions ISS will be assigned.

All tardies will reset at the beginning of each 9 week grading period.

When a student is tardy to class they scan their ID at a Tardy Station.  The tardy station will print a pass with the student’s consequence and automatically notify the parent of the tardy via email and/or text message.